Easy vegan recipes

The goal of this blog is to make vegan easy, accesible and low-treshold.  A common complaint I see that keeps coming back is how expensive going vegan is.  Also where to find all those special products (like nooch and tahin and fake cheeses and…).  This blog is going to make things easy for you.  The recipes I will be showing you will be cheap and I mean real cheap.  Not the ‘this recipe is cheap but you need to have all this fancy equipment’-cheap.  If a recipe happens to be needing any fancy equipment I make sure to tell you as soon as the article start (so no need to waste anyone’s time).

If you want a review of the recipes I’m about to post, you can find a teaser on my Instagram.

Have fun cooking, saplings~

*Disclaimer: Not all recipes will be mine entirely.  I like to test things out with recipes I find, and tweak them to my style.  If I base my recipe off someone else’s creation, I’ll provide the appropriate link to where I’ve found it.  I will never tell a creation is my own if I have it from somewhere.  I except the same curtisy if someone was to made my recipe.  If you tried out one of my recipes and have an instagram account, you are always free to tag me!!

Author: Nithirne

***Newly vegan on a health journey*** Love from Ghent, Belgium -Europe

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