About me

I feel so privileged you came to this page to learn my personal story. So let me introduce myself first. I’m Nithirne, approaching my thirties (omg) and vegan for only a couple of months. Because I’m fairly new to veganism, I learn something new everyday. This can go from recipes to new documentaries, but also health benefits and even new studies that provide insight to weightloss and nutrient intake. Don’t let the fact that I’m new to this lifestyle scare you off. I think being new is one of my biggest strenghts, because I’m still figuring out what works best for me, and passionate to share when I find something cool or educating.

So how did I get here?

When I was still a omnivorosaurus, I always wondered why people would be vegetarian, let alone be vegan. Vegetarien was something I could understand at some point, but veganism in my eyes was soooo extreme. Even though I found it so extreme, I was intrigued at the same time. Why are people living that way, what are their reasons? Maybe it was because of my education in psychology I was interested in these individual’s reasons. So one day in 2014 I stumbled onto a youtube video called 101 reasons to go vegan and had my eyes opened. I decided to go vegan immediately, and cut off all dairy products, meat products, honey, eggs etc. This was a bad idea. This was a bad idea FOR ME. Why? Me and my boyfriend had this terrible habit of ordering our food every day online.

Going from never cooking to always cooking, AND paying attention to what felt like EVERYTHING was a way too big step for me.

Next to that I was too uneducated to make good foodchoices, resulting in feeling pretty bad overall (probably because of too low calorie-intake) and admitting to myself that this was too hard for me NOW.

Instead of completely falling of the cruelty-free wagon, I decided to go vegetarian first and start from there. It was indeed a lot easier to find vegetarian food online, but still more challenging than just ordering. I stayed vegetarian for 2.5 years before I finally made the full transition to veganism. The reason I stayed vegetarian so long was because I didn’t want to see the reasons to veganism yet. I was also busy with getting my Master’s degree and so my food choices and my health went to a dark corner in my mind.

When I was doing my internship I had an unfortunate event of getting a concussion. Because the doctor couldn’t immediately diagnose it (because I had forgotten the event), he tested my blood. Nothing serious was going on yet but the doctor warned me for my cholesterol. That warning and the knock on my head shook me awake (quite literally) and I decided to go vegan because of the low cholesterol health benefits. Not abusing animals anymore was a bonus I gladly took with it.

I immediately noticed some health benefits when I ate more whole plantbased: my acid reflux which I have been struggling with for years was gone for weeks (I still get it when I eat highly processed foods like chips), I had less water retention and my (warning: TMI!) toilet habits improved. I was also a lot more educated now because I followed a lot of vegan youtubers (links will be provided later) online, and tried to mold their eating patterns in mine. I’m also lucky to live in the vegan capital of our country, and now we can order vegan food online (which still happens more than I want to admit).

I feel I’m on a better path, even though it’s not perfect.

That’s the reason why I made this blog. I want to feel accountable for my health and to do that I should stop ordering so much food haha. By taking pictures of my homemade food and posting recipes, I hope to inspire you to do the same, but also to inspire myself to keep doing this. It enables me to look for new recipes, give them my own twist or replicate them and showing the result. I started with my Instagram-account, and decided I needed something more.

Hence Red Orchids was born! I chose orchids because they’re my favorite flower (and yes it’s a plant, double win!) and they have a nice symbolism: love, beauty, fertility, refinement,thoughtfullness and charm. I chose for ‘Red’ because it’s the color of strength and passion. If this doesn’t describe veganism then I don’t know what will! I’m enjoying this journey, because I feel there is no destination. There is no goal to work to, and that feeling is liberating.

Talk to you soon, saplings~