About Veganism

Everywhere you go on the internet you will hear this: veganism is a lifestyle, not just a diet.  So what IS veganism?

If we put it simply, it means no abuse of animals, and therefor thou shalt not eat animals, nor consume anything that comes from an animal.  Thou will not wear its hides, nor test products on them. I don’t know why I went biblycal here, maybe the sound of a higher ruling has more effect.

Anyway, if we take a closer look at veganism, it can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re transitioning into veganism.  Suddenly everything we see is cruelty, and unfortunately that is the reality we live in.  The food we buy is made from animals bred purely for slaughter.  The milk we drink comes from a artificially impregnated cow, whose calves will not have a bright future.  The makeup we wear was first tested on animals to make sure we won’t suffer the consequences they do.  For some vegans it doesn’t stop just with animal cruelty.  Yes, we care about humans too.  A lot of vegans will be ethical clothing shoppers and stay away from certain brands that are known for exploiting their (child)employees.  So why people are vegan can be very different.

There is a variety of vegan types which, in my own humble opinion, are all equal to eachother.  There is the person who became vegan for healthreasons.  Someone else started for ethical reasons.  Maybe this person wanted to lose weight, and maybe that person just doesn’t like the taste of meat.  My road to veganism can look different than yours and that’s totally fine.  We’re in this together and it doesn’t matter how you got here.

Veganism is an activistic culture, meaning it will give a voice for those who can’t do it for themselves, which are mainly animals.  Veganism is based on love, not on cruelty.  So kuddos to you even when you’re not vegan and reading this blog.  I hope I can enlighten you and provide useful information.  Please don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding veganism in the comment section below.  I’ll do my best to answer them or even provide an answer in one of my pages.

Talk to you later, saplings ~

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