Chocolatechip cookies

This recipe was one of the first recipes I ever found that contained vegan cookies.  I wasn’t even vegan at the time, but craved cookies without any eggs in the house.

Let me tell you, this recipe is delicious.  I’ve never found another cookie that could top to this one (yeah, even the storebought ones are terrible compared to these, and they have like additives in them or something).  It’s easy to make these cookies because of the accessible ingrediënts, and the only equipment you need is an oven, a whisk and a bowl!

I won’t be posting the recipe here, because I haven’t changed anything about it (how can you change perfect?), except maybe for some cinnamon, but hey that’s just me.  So to avoid plagiarism, I gladly provide you the link to these delicious cookies.

Have fun baking, saplings ~